IFP: General English 2

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General   English 2





Paul Toft




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International Foundation Programme

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Stoke Campus, UG, Semester 1/2

CDUT, China, UG, Semester 1/ 2

GIST, China, UG, Semester 1/ 2

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Module   Learning Outcomes

Assesses   which University ‘8’

1. Demonstrate   that you can speak and write at a level equivalent to a minimum of IELTS 6 in   general English contexts.


2. Demonstrate   that you can understand spoken and written English in general contexts at a level   equivalent to a minimum of IELTS 6

Knowledge & Understanding

Indicative   Content

This module will help you to develop   all four basic language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. It   is aimed to guide you towards attaining IELTS 6 equivalent which is the entry   level required for progression to L4 undergraduate study.
  You will be using a variety of materials, including a text book at an   appropriate level and any other materials which your tutor thinks   appropriate.

  You will be expected to reach IELTS 6 or equivalent by the end of the module   in all four components – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Note;   you will be required to attain IELTS 6 prior to enrolling for undergraduate   study with Staffordshire University.

Learning   Strategies

In the class contact hours, you will   be working with the tutor and your fellow students. Examples of the sort of   activities you will be doing in the course are:

· Writing about various general themes.

· Speaking in pairs, small groups and   whole group discussions.

· Listening to a variety of people talking   in different situations.

· Reading a range of texts on varied   topics of interest.

· Mock tests

Assessment   Details

This assessment consists of four   elements, (which test learning outcomes 1&2), all of which must   demonstrate IELTS 6 competencies in order to be successfully completed:

1. A 1 hour long Writing Test (25%)

2. A 10 minute Speaking Test (25%)

3. A 1 hour Reading Test (25%)

4. A 45 minute Listening Test (25%)

This   end-of-course examination is designed to assess whether you have attained   IELTS 6 equivalent. Assessments will be based on themes you have studied   during the module.


Access to the library and IT facilities
  An advanced learner's English dictionary


The tutor will be able to recommend useful books to help   you with your writing. Another very useful resource is the Internet, where   there are numerous sites which focus on academic writing. As for the material   for your topic itself, you'll find your information largely from the   university library and the Internet.
  There are many books which can help you develop your academic writing skills.   Here are some suggested texts:

  Carter. S., (2010) Ready for IELTS   (Macmillan)

Cotton. D, Falvey. D and Kent. S., (2008) Language Leader Upper Intermediate  ( Pearson, Longman)

Special Admission Requirements

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