Xiaofang (Amy) Zhang

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Xiaofang (Amy) Zhang

An Australiancitizen



Since 2006 CPA Australia

Certified Public Accountant


2003 2005

University of Sydney

1)    Master of Commerce (Accounting)

2)    Master of International Business  


1999 2003

Hunan University

Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance)Educational Background


Educational Background

Residing 8 years in Australia

Contractual Arrangement

Yearly Contract


Proposed Teaching Responsibilities in Connection with SU Programmes

    1)    Fundamental of Management Accounting

    2)    Applied Accounting Software

    3)    Financial Decision Making

   4)    Financial Accounting 1 & 2


Level of English:



Teaching Experience:

Taught Financial Accounting and Management Accounting at Central Queensland University for 2 years before joining the Accounting firms in Australia


Employment History:

2009 2012 Certified Public Accountant

Cohen and Krass Accountants and Lawyers

Established in 1920, based in Sydney CBD, Cohen & Krass is a multidisciplinary company offering accounting, legal and business advisory services to clients all over the Australia.

Proactively giving clients tax saving advice by using various tax planning techniques. I have helped our clients save significant amounts of tax while still maintaining compliance with Australian Taxation Law. 

Analyzing companies financial ratios, providing informative benchmarking reports, giving advice on cost saving and streamlining production systems, which were adopted and implemented by clients, dramatically improving companies profitability.

Processing and reconciling accounting information provided by clients, preparing financial reports complying with both the Australian & International Accounting Standards.

Reviewing change of financial situations of high-net-worth individual clients on a regular basis for financial planning, referrals made to financial planning department where necessary, that enormously contributed to clients wealth.


Personal Development:

Currently pursuing PhdD  in Business Management


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