About Sino-British College

Sino-British College was established in 2014 under College of Business of Guangxi University for Nationalities, Nanning China. The aim of this college is to have collaborative partnerships with more British Universities. Our first cohort was in 2012 and since then we have had our first graduation ceremony for our 2012/13 class in September 2016.

Sino-British College is now an independent college under Guangxi University for Nationalities Nanning and it manages and operates the undergraduate programme of Accounting & Finance. This is the first international collaborative undergraduate programme approved by the Ministry of Education in Guangxi. This collaborative programme, under the ‘4+0’ model, enrols students who have achieved an aggregate score of a minimum requirement for admission into GXUN bachelor degree programme under National College Entrance Examination. The students will be awarded Accounting & Finance degree from GXUN and the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accounting & Finance from Staffordshire University (UK) after they have accomplished and fulfilled all the requirements of the Exam Board of both Universities.

In Sino British College the following Departments such as the Administrative Office, Academic Office, Exam Unit for Quality Assurance, Faculty Offices for Foundation Year & Undergraduate level, Student Services Unit, Resource Centre, Foreign Universities Placement Centre for Postgraduate courses, Teaching and Research Department, Accounting Academic Committee. Since its inception in 2012 we have a total of 321 students studying in Sino-British College as of current.

Under the management team, headed by the Dean and assisted by 2 Associate Deans, and the Programme Academic Director who oversees the academic delivery of the programme.

Operational conditions

In addition to sharing GXUN’s resources, Sino-British College possesses two floors of building, multi-media classrooms with projectors, a virtual-simulation laboratory, a resource centre, and reading rooms, etc.

In today’s era of information technology, wifi is enabled for students to work online. We have our E-Platform to assist students in searching for learning resources and effective communication with teaching faculties online.

Teaching staff

There are 28 staff members in the college: 5 professors, 10 associate professors, 10 of Doctor’s Degree, 18 of Master’s Degree, 4 certified public accountants, and 6 senior accountants. 4 teachers have been selected as top 100 outstanding accountants in Guangxi by the project “Ten Hundred Thousand”. In addition, out of the 18 lecturers, 17 are qualified from international renowned universities.

Talent Development

Students of Sino-British College have acquired 1national and 2 provincial entrepreneurship training projects. The college has won second prize at the “Going to Rural Areas” activity and second prize in the chorus competition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. 4 students have acquired national subsidies, 3 Staffordshire University subsidies and 86 other subsidies. More than 30% of the first cohort of our graduates have progressed into the postgraduate course overseas eg UK, Australia and US.

Scientific Research

Accounting teacher team has assumed 16 national and provincial research projects, and published 118 research papers and 11 monographs, with remarkable teaching and research results.

Cooperation and Exchanges

Sino-British College is in cooperation with companies, such as CIMA, Ruihua Certified Public Accountants (Guangxi Branch), Zhongzhongyi (Guangxi) Certified Public Accountants Ltd., Jinsuanzi Certified Public Accountants Ltd., Guangdong Foshan Aipeisi education, science and technology Ltd., etc. that will allow our students to do internship as part of their industrial training.

Development Direction

Sino-British College will continue its endeavour in creating a strong pillarTeaching & Learning environment, in areas of Research and Innovation and knowledge exchange of international collaborative partnerships that will bring global talent and bench marking in our Guangxi region.